Pregnancy Testing

All services are completely confidential and are offered at no cost.

We offer nurse-read urine pregnancy tests which detect the presence of hCG, the “pregnancy hormone” called human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone increases in the body after implantation of the embryo which typically occurs 7 to 10 days after conception. Our tests are able to detect if the hormone is present as early as 9 days after ovulation but results are typically best and most reliable two weeks after ovulation, otherwise known as when your period is due. Although you may be anxious to find out, we recommend you wait until your period is due or late before testing for pregnancy. Our tests are 99% accurate after your missed period.

Because our tests are administered by medical professionals, we are able to offer Confirmation of Pregnancy letters to assist you in applying for health insurance. We make referrals to case managers and application counselors to assist you in applying for insurance and other benefits.

Even if the test may be positive, only a physician can diagnose you as pregnant. That is why we can offer an ultrasound which will be read by a physcian to determine if you really are pregnant and if your pregnancy is viable.

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