There are non-surgical (the abortion pill) and surgical abortion procedures. There are many factors that determine what kind of abortion procedure you are eligible for such as how far along you are and what kind of procedures the abortion provider offers. No matter if you choose to carry to term or abort, your life will remain forever changed. Getting all of the facts you need about abortion can protect you from any potential emotional or physical complications.  Many of the women (and men) who have struggled with an abortion decision have said that they wished they had received more information before making a permanent decision. [1]

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When considering an abortion, it is important to know the answers to three important questions:

  1. How far along am I?
  2. Is my pregnancy viable?
  3. Do I have an untreated sexually transmitted disease/infection?

In the state of Florida, you are required by law to obtain an ultrasound before undergoing a termination/abortion procedure.[2]  The ultrasound will determine how far along you are and which options are available to you. Many pregnancies -one in five- end on their own.[3]  An ultrasound will also confirm if the pregnancy is developing in the uterus. If the pregnancy is developing outside of the uterus, otherwise known as an ectopic pregnancy, you would require emergency medical care and would not be eligible for a standard abortion procedure.

Have you been recently tested for STDs? It is in your best interest to be tested and treated for certain STDs before undergoing a termination procedure. Having an abortion with an untreated STD such as chlamydia or gonorrhea can raise your risk of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) by 30%.[4]  This could impact your health and ability to have a future pregnancy.

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Choices Pregnancy Care Program does not perform or refer for abortion procedures. We are a free pregnancy help clinic and we are committed to provide information about all of your options.

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